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An Introduction to Patisserie Course

Gain a thorough skillset in the fundamentals of patisserie on this 6 week course

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Elevate your skills to new heights in this home-cook course


Best suited for people with little or no culinary experience


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Learn to master the complex art of patisserie on this course for confident home-cooks. An ‘Introduction to Patisserie’ runs 2 days a week, every Thursday and Friday for 6 weeks and is perfect for those passionate about pastry who want to master the fundamentals of this delicate craft.  

You’ll learn how to make a wide range of pastries, cakes and other key elements of patisserie, covering both theory and practical technique. On this fast-paced course, your learning will go beyond just recipes and you’ll master a host of timeless, essential methods that can be applied when creating your own dishes.  

The course will suit those who are looking for a solid introduction to patisserie and would combine well with Leiths’ 10-week Chef Skills Patisserie course to further your skillset. It will not include exams or assessment, but students should be aware that the class will run at a professional course pace to allow us to cover as many skills as possible. 


Skills covered:  

  • Sweet and savoury shortcrust pastries 
  • Choux pastry 
  • Pate sucrée 
  • French and Italian meringue 
  • Creamed cakes 
  • Whisked cakes 
  • Melted cakes 
  • Rubbed in cakes and soda bread 
  • Small cakes, biscuits and cookies 
  • Buttercreams, icings and curds 
  • Fillings and pastry creams 
  • Using Middle-Eastern pastries: knafeh, filo, brick etc. 
  • Glazing 
  • Using gelatine 
  • Sugar and caramel 
  • Cooking with chocolate 
  • Cooking with eggs 
  • Blind baking 
  • Piping 
  • Time planning 
  • Presentation skills 


Example recipes: 


  • Chocolate tart 
  • Glazed frangipane tarts 
  • Individual passion fruit meringue pies 
  • Croquembouche  
  • Moroccan spinach and chickpea strudels 


Cookies, Cakes and Gâteau 

  • Macarons 
  • Ginger cake  
  • Cherry Swiss roll 
  • Petits Fours such as salted caramels, mini Florentines and pâte de fruit 
  • Ultimate chocolate cake 


Stunning Desserts 

  • Glazed fruit tarts 
  • Tonka Bean panna cotta with spiced pineapple 


Sample recipes may be subject to change  

Course Structure

Cooking with your classmates is an integral part of your Leiths experience. You will cook some of your recipes in pairs, and some independently. Whatever the ratio, there is always more than enough food to go around, and often food to take home too. 

Your days will comprise of a mixture of practical cookery and demonstrations performed by the teacher who is running the session. The exact format will vary from class to class depending on the style of cuisine and, in the case of visiting chefs, their individual teaching style.  


Around midday, you will break for lunch. Lunch is not provided by Leiths on this course but there are shops, cafes and restaurants nearby on Askew Road.  


What’s included:  

  • 2 x Leiths aprons 
  • Refreshments on arrival 
  • A recipe booklet 
  • All ingredients provided and weighed out for you in advance 
  • We do the washing up 


What to bring: 

  • Flat soled shoes 
  • Long trousers and a long-sleeved top are advisable 
  • A notebook and pencil 


Allergies and dietary restrictions 

We are happy to make adjustments where possible. However, some classes are unsuitable for people with particular intolerances as the menu would need to be completely different. We need 10 days’ notice to be able to properly check the class and adjust the order accordingly. Please read our full policy on allergies and dietary restrictions here.