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The Flexible Pescatarian with Jo Pratt – Weekday

Enjoy flexible and healthy cooking with or without fish for vegetarians with cookbook author Jo Pratt

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Elevate your skills to new heights in this home-cook course


Best suited for people with little or no culinary experience


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Join celebrated chef Jo Pratt for this fun and informative class, based on the recipes in her cookbook The Flexible Pescatarian. 

Whether you’re a lover of seafood, or keen to explore the many health benefits of fish, Jo will provide a wealth of inspiring ideas during this session. You’ll cook a selection of simple, well-balanced and flavour-packed dishes from all around the globe. Each recipe can be prepared as a fish dish, or quickly transformed into a vegetarian dish with some clever substitutes. This is ideal for dinner parties where guests have a range of requirements. 


  • Salt cod croquettas with jalapeno mayonnaise 
  • Baked sea-bream, potatoes, asparagus and lemon
  • Malaysian prawn and coconut curry


Menu may be subject to change  

Course Structure

Cooking with your classmates is an integral part of your Leiths experience. You will cook some of your recipes in pairs, and some independently. Regardless, there is always more than enough food to go around, and often food to take home too. 

Your day will comprise of a mixture of practical cookery and demonstrations performed by the teacher who is running the session. The exact format will vary from class to class depending on the style of cuisine and, in the case of visiting chefs, their individual teaching style.  

Around 1pm, you will break for lunch and enjoy the dishes you have cooked with the rest of your class, accompanied by a glass of wine or other refreshments. In some classes, such as skills classes, where dishes may not be appropriate for lunch, a mezze lunch will be provided.   


What’s included:  

  • Refreshments on arrival 
  • A recipe booklet 
  • All ingredients provided and weighed out for you in advance 
  • Lunch of your own making or sharing platters prepared by the school, with wines or other refreshments 
  • We do the washing up 


What to bring: 

  • Flat soled shoes 
  • Long trousers and a long-sleeved top are advisable 


Allergies and dietary restrictions 

We are happy to make adjustments where possible. However, some classes are unsuitable for people with particular intolerances as the menu would need to be completely different. We require 10 days’ notice to check requests are possible and adjust our ordering.  Please read our full policy on allergies and dietary restrictions here. 

Your Teacher

Jo Pratt

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Jo Pratt is an acclaimed writer, cook, food stylist and presenter. She is a bestselling author of six cookbooks, including In the Mood for Food, Madhouse Cookbook and most recently The Flexible Cook series.  

When she’s not writing books, you’ll find Jo presenting recipes online, on TV, in food magazines and on stage performing live cookery demonstrations and workshops/cookery classes.  

To top it all off, she’s recently taken an exciting move into the restaurant world by collaborating with three female chefs, Sophie Michell, Gee Charman and Caroline Artiss to launch The Gorgeous Kitchen. 

She is known for her fresh, healthy, and easy food with vibrancy and a certain joie de vivre.