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Regional Indian Cookery with Atul Kochhar – Weekend

Experience the regional cooking of India with Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar

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Elevate your skills to new heights in this home-cook course


Best suited for people with little or no culinary experience



Learn Indian cookery from Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar, and experience an inspirational, culinary journey through India’s diverse regional cuisine. For each hands-on masterclass, Atul has carefully selected recipes that showcase the subtle blend of spices and techniques which celebrate the distinctive flavours of each region. Each dish has been hand-picked for you to recreate with ease at home, so you’re set to impress guests with your new-found skills. 

Throughout this guest chef series, Atul will transport you to his home region of Northern India to create a plant-based menu. Known for colourful, aromatic dishes with a medium level of heat. The next stop along the journey will be Southern India, famed for lighter, generously spiced recipes which often use coconut and fresh flavours. We then take a trip to the West of India where you can expect to master a feast of different curries with Atul’s signature finesse. To round off the regions Atul will introduce you to the East of India, focusing on the lesser known, deeply flavoured dishes of the region inspired by the fresh ingredients of coastal towns like Macher Jhol (fish curry) and a nurturing Bengali Kedgeree.  


Dishes from Northern India - 15th June 2024 

  • Tadka dal – homestyle lentils 
  • Kabuli Chana Aur Kale – chickpea and kale curry 
  • Gantha Gobi Ki Subji – Kashmiri kolrabi 
  • Hing Aloo Kishmish – spiced potatoes with pomegranate seeds 
  • Paratha and Poori – demonstration 


Dishes from Southern India - 24th February 2024 

  • Luqmi – spicy lamb pastries 
  • Sundal – chickpea, mango and coconut salad 
  • Royyala Pulusu – prawn curry from the coastal town of Kakinada 
  • Lemon rice with a toasted spice powder 
  • Mamsa Ishtew – aromatic lamb stew 


Dishes from Western India

  • Chutney Murg – fresh green chicken curry 
  • Prawn Patia – a spicy and sweet prawn curry 
  • Eedu Bhaji – baked egg and spinach curry 
  • Patra Ni Machhi – fish cooked in banana leaf 


Dishes from Eastern India - 18th May 2024 (pescatarian friendly menu)

  • Macher Jhol – fish curry Baigun 
  • Bhaja – lightly fried marinated aubergine fritters 
  • Ghughni – yellow peas curry 
  • Ghee Khechuree – Bengali kedgeree 


Menu may be subject to change  

Course Structure

Cooking with your classmates is an integral part of your Leiths experience. You will cook some of your recipes in pairs, and some independently. Regardless, there is always more than enough food to go around, and often food to take home too. 

Your day will comprise of a mixture of practical cookery and demonstrations performed by the teacher who is running the session. The exact format will vary from class to class depending on the style of cuisine and, in the case of visiting chefs, their individual teaching style.  

Around 1pm, you will break for lunch and enjoy the dishes you have cooked with the rest of your class, accompanied by a glass of wine or other refreshments. In some classes, such as skills classes, where dishes may not be appropriate for lunch, a mezze lunch will be provided.   


What’s included:  

  • Refreshments on arrival 
  • A recipe booklet 
  • All ingredients provided and weighed out for you in advance 
  • Lunch of your own making or sharing platters prepared by the school, with wines or other refreshments 
  • We do the washing up 


What to bring: 

  • Flat soled shoes 
  • Long trousers and a long-sleeved top are advisable 


Allergies and dietary restrictions 

We are happy to make adjustments where possible. However, some classes are unsuitable for people with particular intolerances as the menu would need to be completely different. We require 10 days’ notice to check requests are possible and adjust our ordering.  Please read our full policy on allergies and dietary restrictions here. 

Your Teacher

Atul Kochhar

View Profile

Atul Kochhar’s unique talent as a twice Michelin starred chef has changed the way people perceive and experience Indian cuisine. Taking inspiration from his native India, while continuously researching regional dishes, Atul has managed to combine his heritage with his love of British ingredients to create a unique and innovative modern Indian cuisine. 

Since 1994, he has been at the forefront of Indian cookery, achieving his first Michelin star in 2001. His contemporary style and love of traditional cooking techniques led him to open his own restaurant, Benares, which won him a Michelin star in 2007. Since then, he has opened numerous successful award-winning restaurants including Sindhu in Marlow; Hawkyns in Amersham and Indian Essence in Kent. 

In 2018 Atul left Benares to pursue other independent ventures and welcomed the newest edition to his portfolio Kanishka, Mayfair, London in March 2019. 

Having recipes featured in international publications and regular appearances on Amazon and television, including most recently BBC2’s Million Pound Menu, Atul has also written a number of successful cookbooks: Simple Indian; Fish, Indian Style; Curries of the World; 30 Minute Curries. 

His work ethic and talent have not gone unnoticed as he has had the privilege to cook for Prince Charles at St James’s Palace, as well as having been personally invited to meet HM The Queen during one of the President of India’s official visits. 

Dedicating time outside of the kitchen to philanthropic endeavours, Atul has worked with The Prince’s Trust and stands as an ambassador to The British Asian Trust to support high impact charities in South Asia and the UK. Atul is currently raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital and in January 2019 he embarked on his second voyage to Antarctica for this fabulous charity close to his heart. 

When not busy with one of his various restaurants or projects, Atul enjoys spending time at home in London with his wife Deepti and their two children. Continuing to thrive, the next few years look full of exciting new projects for Atul and his team.