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Online Nutrition in Culinary Practice – One Day Accreditation – Saturday

Gain professional accreditation following completion of the online Nutrition in Culinary Practice course with this one-day assessment


Elevate your skills to new heights in this professional course


Best suited for people with moderate culinary experience


Certified professional course



Complete your study of the online Nutrition in Culinary Practice course with Leiths Online Cookery School and gain your NTEC-accredited certification on this one-day in-person assessment. The Leiths Nutrition in Culinary Practice certificate and NTEC qualification is an esteemed award recognised in the UK as a leading qualification to start a career within the food and nutrition.

During the accreditation day, you will cook in our professional kitchens alongside fellow online students from a mix of cohorts. You will be allocated a time slot in which to receive 5-day plan feedback from the course nutrition mentor. In the afternoon you will sit a theory paper based on the knowledge you have gained on the course. It promises to be a busy and rewarding day in which your online learning can be completed into the full NTEC accreditation.

Please note: this assessment is only for students who have completed the Leiths Online Nutrition in Culinary Practice Certificate. Please do not book a place unless you have completed this course. All applications for the assessment are subject to approval by online tutors. To attend the NICP accreditation day you will need to have submitted your 5 day plan at least a month before attending the assessment.


The Online Nutrition in Culinary Practice Accreditation is suitable for those who have completed the Online Nutrition in Culinary Practice course with Leiths Online Cookery School and have been invited by their mentor to undertake the assessment.  


In order to be eligible for the in-person assessment, you will need to have: 

  • Completed all of the modules to the satisfaction of your course tutor 
  • Passed the online assessment 
  • Been invited by your online mentor to undertake the assessment by email  
  • Submitted your 5 day plan at least a month before attending the accreditation day 


What’s included:  

  • Refreshments on arrival 
  • A recipe booklet 
  • All ingredients provided and weighed out for you in advance 
  • Lunch of your own making or sharing platters prepared by the school, accompanied by refreshments 
  • We do the washing up 


What to bring: 

  • Flat soled shoes 
  • Long trousers and a long-sleeved top are advisable 


Allergies and dietary restrictions 

We are happy to make adjustments where possible. However, some classes are unsuitable for people with particular intolerances as the menu would need to be completely different. We need 10 days’ notice to be able to properly check the class and adjust the order accordingly. Please read our full policy on allergies and dietary restrictions here.