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Leiths Private Hire, Events, Bespoke Events, Corporates & Filming

From private hire and parties to corporate packages, bespoke events and training, we've got options

Bespoke Events, Packages, Hire & Filming

With our state-of-the-art studio kitchen, equipped with top-of-the-line facilities and appliances, we provide the ideal space for product launches, PR events, and filming. From intimate gatherings to large-scale occasions, Leiths are dedicated to creating exceptional moments infused with culinary excellence. Let us transform your vision into reality, where gastronomic delights and seamless execution come together to leave a lasting impression.

Who We Cater To


Learning to create new dishes and develop new skills as group is a great way to spend time together for both existing teams and new partnerships. At Leiths we’re expert at bringing groups of people together to cook, either in pairs or more as a ‘brigade’, we’ve been doing it since 1975. We have a selection of options to choose from, or we can create a bespoke solution.

Families, Children & Teens

We have classes for adult and child to cook together as a duo, as well as young people in groups, here we also offer the opportunity to cook together as a family or a group of young people either with one of our packages or on a bespoke basis. 

Brands & Businesses

With food personalities at our fingertips through our alumni, guest chefs and contacts, along with our teachers and operations team, we organise bespoke brand marketing experiences and product launches, as well as training for the food and hospitality industry. All either at the school or at our Studio Kitchen site, designed for filming and content creation.

Special Occasions

Marking a birthday or life event with a shared experience is a memorable way to mark the occasion. We guide your party all the way through creating a menu, either from our packages or created bespoke for you, and you all enjoy your labours in our dining room afterwards. 

“Everybody looks up to Leiths to produce the best graduates.”  

– Yotam Ottolenghi 

“If ever anybody comes to me for a job and I hear they’ve trained at Leiths, I want them.”

– Rick Stein

“Whether you want to learn how to make artisan pasta, learn the art of Malaysian street food or how to bring Persian recipes to life – this is your place.”

– The Evening Standard

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