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How To Peel Peppers

Peppers are left with their skin intact in many dishes for texture, and to help them hold their shape during cooking, but certain recipes require peppers to be peeled. This can be done simply by using a vegetable peeler. However, roasting or blistering the skin is a more effective technique and has the added advantage of lending flavour to the finished dish.

1. Preheat the grill to high. Quarter, core and deseed the pepper. Flatten each quarter and place skin side up on a baking sheet under the grill until the skins are blistered and blackened.

2. Put the peppers in a bowl and cover with cling film or place in a plastic bag and seal. As the peppers cool, the steam will help to release the skins.

3. Once cool, the skins can be easily pulled away from the pepper flesh.