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Verena Lochmuller, Ottolenghi Test Kitchen

Verena Lochmuller is a recipe and product developer. She was born in Germany, grew up in Scotland and studied pastry and baking arts in New York City. She has been at Ottolenghi since 2015 and for the last five years has been the Head of Product Development at the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen. She has created sweet and savoury products that have become staples at Ottolenghi delis, and curated dessert menus for the group’s restaurants.

Verena has contributed her recipes to two Ottolenghi Test Kitchen books: Shelf Love and Extra Good Things, as well as other online Ottolenghi publications. Currently, she is working as a co-author on the new Ottolenghi cookbook, set to be published in September 2024. Verena brings a playful touch to familiar, comforting recipes by using unexpected ingredients and techniques. She firmly believes that a good pastry recipe is a secret weapon in every kitche

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