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Christmas Shopping List

When it comes to Christmas Dinner, preparation is the key to success. To save you time, we’ve prepared a Christmas Shopping List. Before you start to cook, it’s a good idea to weigh and separate out everything you need for each dish. This serves 8 people.

See below for the ingredients for each individual recipe. For a full ingredients list of everything you need, see here.

Roast Turkey

5kg turkey

170g salted butter, at room temperature

Giblets (if available)

½ onion

2 bay leaves

A few parsley stalks

290ml water

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Citrus and Herb Stuffing

750 – 1000g sourdough

2 onions

500g apple

60g parsley

20g sage

2 oranges

1 lemon

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Ultimate Roast Potatoes

2.5kg floury potatoes (or a little more if you want leftovers)

300g goose fat

2 tbsp mixed herbs, finely chopped (we use rosemary and thyme)


Red Cabbage with Pomegranate & Cranberries

20g butter

2 small red onions

¼ tsp ground all spice

800g red cabbage

2 tsp pomegranate molasses

2 oranges

6 tsp light muscovado sugar

6 tbsp dried cranberries

1 ripe pomegranate, seeds only

½ tsp salt, or to taste

Few grinds black pepper

Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Chestnuts

1kg Brussels sprouts

3 – 4 tbsp olive oil

150g pancetta, cut into lardons

2 red onions

4 garlic cloves

400g peeled roasted vacuum-packed chestnuts

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Honey-glazed Carrots

1.2kg chantenay carrots

4 tbsp honey

40g butter

Lemon juice, to taste

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Turkey Gravy

30g plain flour

570ml turkey juices, plus 3 tbsp turkey fat

Good quality chicken stock

Salt and freshly ground black pepper