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Letitia Ann Clark

Food Writer, Illustrator & Chef



Graduate of:
Leiths Three Term Diploma in Food and Wine

Letitia Clark is a food writer, illustrator and chef. She graduated from Leiths in 2010. Her first book, Bitter Honey: recipes and stories from Sardinia, was published in 2020. Her second book, La Vita è Dolce, was published in summer 2021. She is currently working on two more cookbooks and starting to host cookery workshops and culinary tours, with her latest book Wild Figs & Fennel: Stories and Recipes from a Year in an Italian Kitchen is due to be published in April 2024, and For the Love of a Lemon in Spring 2025.

Life before Leiths
Before enrolling on the Leiths diploma, Letitia had just completed an undergraduate degree and masters degree in English Literature. “I had just graduated from university, where I’d supposedly been studying English Literature, but where I really wasted 3 years reading Nigel Slater books and cooking disastrous recipes (maybe the Nigel wasn’t a waste, all things considered).”

What drew you towards a career in food?
“My family have always loved food and eating, and the importance of good food was instilled in me very early on. I never really thought of cooking as a career until I graduated and realised that I needed to make a living and that sitting around trying to write a great novel wasn’t buttering any parsnips.”

What are the top things you learnt at Leiths?
“The importance of a good mise en place, of cleanliness and organisation (things I often still struggle with!). The importance of butter! Never to be underestimated.”

Life after graduation
Letitia went on to work in various restaurants across London to get as much immersive experience as possible. She also did some private catering work, and had her own market stall for a while. In 2017 Letitia moved to Sardinia and began writing about food and cooking from home, as well as illustrating, which has led to the successful publication of her two Italian-inspired cookbooks Bitter Honey and La VIta è Dolce.

What do you love most about your job today?
“I love the variety and the freedom of it. I love meeting people who also love food and especially talking about food. I love travelling to other parts of Italy (and within Sardinia) and being able to taste new dishes. ”

Any wise words for future grads?
“Hmm, it’s hard to say anything without it sounding trite, but stay true to yourself and what you believe in/love, be open and persist, even if it seems difficult sometimes.”

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