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Leiths Confident Cookery at LVS Ascot

LVS Ascot

LVS Ascot approached Leiths Academy to help them refresh and develop their cookery curriculum and is full of praise for our new Leiths Confident Cookery Course. 

What aims and objectives do our courses help deliver for your students, school and/or organisations? 

We became a Leiths Academy school as we wanted to instil a love of practical hands-on cookery and encourage our students to try new ingredients, recipes and flavours. 

Do the Leiths Academy Courses help you deliver these aims and objectives? 

Absolutely!!! Since joining Leiths Academy we haven’t looked back and plan to develop the range of Leiths Academy courses on offer  

How much have you enjoyed delivering the Leiths Academy courses? 

5 Stars! Within weeks of becoming a Leiths Academy school everyone was talking about the course and we have enjoyed teaching it as much as our students have enjoyed studying it 

Would you recommend Leiths Academy cookery courses to your peers, and why? 

Yes, it is all about taking simple fresh ingredients and cooking good wholesome food from scratch 

Does your school intend to continue this new relationship with Leiths? 

100% – we are thrilled to be part of the Leiths Academy community and will definitely be staying with them! 

Will you continue to deliver our courses and expand your offering? 

We are certainly planning to offer more Leiths Academy courses – they have something for everyone 

How would you describe the support you have received from the Leiths Academy team? 

Excellent – the Leiths Academy team is always very happy to help and it’s great to feel part of a cookery community  

What top tips would you give to a school considering taking on a Leiths Academy course? 

Make sure you get your SMT on board which is something the Leiths Academy team can help with. It’s a super course and SMT need to understand how many job opportunities there are with this course and how many doors it opens. It is also so valuable for student recruitment and retention, especially into sixth form.

What attracted me to the Leiths Academy courses for my students was how similar their ethos was to what I try to instil in my students. Good food doesn’t have to only be cooked by professionals, it is accessible to all. The course has transformed even the most underconfident students into young people who are happy and willing to cook for friends and family, which makes it so rewarding for all involved!”

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