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Leiths Confident Cookery at New Hall School

New Hall

New Hall School approached Leiths Academy to help them introduce cookery for the first time. One year in and cookery is now a flourishing subject on their curriculum. 

What aims and objectives do our courses help deliver for your students, school and/or organisations? 

We wanted to establish a cookery course for our Sixth Form and introduce Leiths Academy way of teaching cookery to our students at New Hall  

Do the Leiths Academy Courses help you deliver these aims and objectives? 

Yes they do – and they have also helped me to get a 2nd cookery room which will be in use from Sept 2023 

How much have you enjoyed delivering the Leiths Academy courses? 

5 Stars! It has been such an exciting first year and we can’t wait to start the course again in September 2023 

Would you recommend Leiths Academy cookery courses to your peers, and why? 

Absolutely – Leiths Academy cookery courses have been great for our school and for our pupils 

Does your school intend to continue this new relationship with Leiths? 

100% Leiths Academy cookery is now firmly on the curriculum at New Hall school 

Will you continue to deliver our courses and expand your offering? 

Yes – we are planning to offer more Leitsh academy courses  especially now we have a second teaching space to accommodate more courses and classes 

How would you describe the support you have received from the Leiths Academy team? 

Excellent – the visits by our visiting teacher are great and our pupils really look forward to and enjoy these visits.  

What top tips would you give to a school considering taking on a Leiths Academy course? 

Do not skip any lessons especially if the lesson falls on Friday – find a way to complete the whole curriculum and always ask the leiths Academy team for help and support – the lessons are too good to miss! 

The proudest moment this year was when my pupils managed to pass their examination. They were all very nervous but managed to make it through. The course is definitely not easy and entails a lot of hard work, long hours and a fair share of sweat and tears. Nevertheless, in the end it was a pleasure to see the pupils’ successes and improvement!”

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