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Leiths CTH Level 3 at Malvern St. James

Malvern St. James

Malvern St. James is a long established Leiths Academy School who delivers our Level 3 Extended certificate in Confident Cookery and has been very involved with testing and piloting our new updated Level 3 course.  

What aims and objectives do our courses help deliver for your students, school and/or organisations? 

With Leiths Academy cookery courses we are able to teach high level cookery skills and confidence in the kitchen whilst introducing students to modern recipes and exciting new flavours and ingredients.  

Do the Leiths Academy Courses help you deliver these aims and objectives? 

Yes, 100%, as well as a range of wider transferable skills such as organisation and timekeeping. 

How much have you enjoyed delivering the Leiths Academy courses? 

5 Stars – simply couldn’t imagine going back to any order traditional cookery course or provider after delivering Leiths Academy cookery courses 

Would you recommend Leiths Academy cookery courses to your peers, and why? 

Yes absolutely. The courses and resources are easy to follow and well structured and as teachers we are fully supported to allow us to offer our students a high level world renowned course with UCAS points, highly recognised and respected by employers everywhere 

Will you continue to deliver our courses and expand your offering? 

Leiths Academy cookery courses have created such excitement at Malvern St James that we are planning to offer a wider range of courses to more students – everyone wants to do Leiths!  

How would you describe the support you have received from the Leiths Academy team? 

Superb. The Leiths Academy team is experienced and approachable and are fab to work with. Alistair and Katy ensure any questions I’ve had are answered quickly and provide plenty of support throughout the year. 

What top tips would you give to a school considering taking on a Leiths Academy course? 

GO for it!!!

“Confidence in cookery means your skills can take you anywhere….!”

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