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Elainea Emmott

Chef, Writer & Photographer

London, United Kingdom


Graduate of:
Essential Cooking Certificate: Online Course

Elainea Emmott is a chef, food writer and portrait/food photographer. Her strong background in fashion and textiles can be seen in her textural, clean imagery whether photographing food or people. Elainea’s work can be seen in editorial magazines and advertising campaigns and she writes and contributes to food and lifestyle magazines. Her love of food was taken to a new level when she cooked her inventive recipes for Michelin Star Chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, Niklas Erdnst and Carla Hall during a cookery programme called Crazy Delicious on Channel 4 (January) & Netflix (May 2020).

Life before Leiths
Before enrolling on Leiths’ Essential online course, Elainea was busy photographing protests in London, as well as food still life, and cooking from her home. She was then scouted to be a contestant on the TV show Crazy Delicious, where her cooking repertoire and creativity were taken to exceptional new heights. “Leiths has a formidable reputation as well as being approachable. I wanted to join a school which would nurture me and open doors in the industry.”

What drew you towards a career in food?
I have always loved food and everything about the artistry, craft and simple cooking and storytelling. It has been a natural progression for me, as if I had no say in the matter.”

What do you love most about your job?
I love it all. I am in my element not just making and producing food, but meeting people who want to cook, producers who love their craft, and appreciating the beauty of getting a sustainable meal on the table to share with family.”

What’s next?
Elainea has written a book about her heritage and inventive style of cooking. She has also developed her kitchen garden in her humble front yard and is growing fresh produce of vegetables also from her Caribbean and African heritage, pioneering community garden projects inspiring others to grow on window sills and plants and seeds and book swaps. She collaborates with food and wine brands, food producers and large restaurant groups as a Food Consultant with her recipes, photography and food styling. Elainea is a regular contributor and writes for international food magazines. Elainea is cooking at her Supper Clubs ‘Our Seat Our Table’ with demonstrations of food with incredible flavours.

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