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Chelsie Gazdar

Founder of Blondies Cookies

London, United Kingdom


Graduate of:
Leiths Three Term Diploma in Food and Wine

Chelsie is the co-founder of Blondies Kitchen, which she founded with her partner Kristelle in 2016. They decided to bring the American style cookie to the UK. You can find their flagship concession in Selfridges London, their micro-store in Covent Garden or visit them online at www.blondieskitchen.co.uk. They deliver across the entire UK. Before Blondies Kitchen Chelsie’s background was in recipe writing, namely for BBC Good Food, where she spent over 2 years following her time at Leiths. You can find hundreds of her recipes on their website.  

Life before Leiths
Before Leiths Chelsie studied English Literature at Birmingham University and then landed a role at a consumer PR agency, working with some food and drinks brands. She had always wanted to get into food writing, but soon realised it wasn’t as simple as thinking she could be the next Jay Rayner.  

What inspired you to enrol at Leiths?: 

“I had done an internship at Delicious magazine and BBC Good Food magazine to explore the food writing world, and couldn’t believe a role existed that allowed me to test recipes but also write about them. I knew I had to make this dream a reality and it seemed everyone around me at the magazines had started at Leiths. I enquired immediately.   

Life after graduation: 

Since leaving, I won the scholarship at BBC Good Food where Ii started as a Cookery Assistant, then became a Cookery Writer. Blondies Kitchen was born on the side of my full time job, and in 2016, we decided to give it a go full time. We’ve sold millions of cookies and have many high profile customers.” 

Any wise words for future grads?: 

Do what you love and remember your passion for food is the reason you chose to take these steps into the cheffing world. Wherever you go next, it is all part of the journey, just make it a tasty one! 

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