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The Leiths Academy Portal

Deliciously Simple

The Leiths Academy ‘Jewel in the crown’ is our bespoke interactive portal. Designed by and built for our Leiths Academy team, our portal enables excellent cookery teaching and learning. It is the gateway to all the resources from recipes to skills videos and marksheets and every teacher and student can access the portal securely via their phone, tablet or computer.

It also allows teachers and students to photograph and evidence all their cooking as well as record weekly evaluations and submit coursework. A unique colour coded student tracker monitors weekly progress, which is an invaluable teacher resource for parents meetings and report writing and also allows students to see how quickly they progress week by week.  

  • Purpose built for Leiths Academy
  • Secure access from phone, tablet or computer
  • Easy access to all teacher and student resources
  • Skills videos for viewing in or outside the classroom
  • Flexible photo, evaluation and coursework upload
  • Colour coded student tracker to monitor and track weekly progress

A Recipe for Success

Our focus is to enable you to deliver excellent cookery education for your students. The Leiths Academy Portal is one of the tools that allows us to provide you with the most up-to-date and current course information at your fingertips. 

These include;

  • Teacher and Student notes
  • Recipes
  • Order Sheets
  • Handouts and Factsheets
  • Marking Criteria
  • Quizzes
  •  A teachers handbook


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