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How to Succeed in a Food and Drink Business – Saturday

Gain invaluable insight into setting up your own food and drink business from entrepreneur and food business expert Chris Barber

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Elevate your skills to new heights in this home-cook course


Best suited for people with little or no culinary experience


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If you’re looking to start a food and drink business, this insightful class with business consultant Chris Barber from CB Food Solutions is a brilliant place to start.  

This session will cover a range of areas including business plans, budgeting, company structure and brand identity, all taught to you by one of the most prominent hospitality, food and beverage experts in Europe. 

Here at Leiths, we’ve been training food and drink professionals since 1975, and many of our graduates have gone on to start successful businesses, including Camilla Stephens of Higgidy Pies, Tim Price of Silver Birch, Joe Mercer-Nairne of Medlar, Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne of Genius Foods gluten-free breads and many more. 

Whether you’re hoping to start up a supper club, street food stall, gourmet popcorn brand or vegan meal service, our aim is to inspire and support you, while making sure you’ve considered potential pitfalls and hidden costs. With recent events such as wage inflation and rising costs of ingredients, you will learn the 12 steps that will ensure you have the best chance of success in the ‘new normal’. Chris will also discuss all the issues that need to be considered when setting up a business and give you all the guidance you need for your next steps. 

The session will be followed by an additional question and answer slot, for which you can submit questions for Chris in advance. You will also have the opportunity to contact Chris privately if you wish to take your ideas further.