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Early Bird Offer 2024: Terms and Conditions

Leiths Early Bird Offer 2024 includes 20% off the following courses only:

  • Introduction to Professional Cooking
  • Intensive Introduction to Patisserie
  • Key Cooking Skills Part 2

*This offer does not include Intermediate Cooking Skills Part 2. This offer excludes online courses. Offer ends 29th February 2024.

To redeem, enter the EARLYBIRD24 discount at checkout, which is then applied to the full cost of your balance (and deposit where applicable).

This offer may be used in conjunction with other Leiths promotions and offers.

This offer does not apply to online courses via Leiths Online Cooking School.

For more information about the offer or Leiths courses, please contact out Bookings team via Bookings@leiths.com or by phone on 020 8749 6400.