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Valentine's Menu 2022: Time Plan

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Valentine's Menu 2022: Time Plan

Get ahead – your easy time plan with love from Leiths.


Elements you can make the day before:

  1. Start the salsa
  2. Guacamole - make and chill
  3. Chimichurri - make and chill
  4. Marinade the steak
  5. Make taco dough (if making)
  6. Chocolate Mousse
  7. Sugar syrup for pisco sours (if making)

Preparing on the day - 1 hr in advance:

  1. Bring steak out of the fridge – to room temp
  2. Cook tacos if making fresh
  3. Finish the salsa
  4. Put all the individual elements into small serving bowls and cover
  5. Chill glasses for the pisco sours

To serve:

  1. Make Pisco Sours
  2. Cook and rest the steak
  3. Cook or reheat tacos
  4. Slice the rested steak
  5. Bring all bowls of individual elements out of the fridge to come to room temperature
  6. Assemble tacos and eat!
  7. Decorate mousse and enjoy

Additional optional garnishes

  1. Handful of coriander leaves, washed, dried and picked
  2. Lime wedges
  3. Crispy shallots
  4. Chopped almonds

Author: Leiths Teachers


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