Top baking tips with Jane

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Top baking tips with Jane

What seem like small things can have a huge impact when it comes to baking. Here's a few of our top tips to have in mind whenever you dig out your apron and baking utensils.

1. Read and reread a new recipe so you know what you’re being asked to do and so you have the ingredients/equipment prepared for each stage. e.g. Remembering to preheat your oven at the right time. Are you melting the butter or whisking air in? How is your tin prepared? Have you got the right sized tin?

2. Never underestimate accurate weighing – baking is a science so the ratios of ingredients really matter. Make sure to use your measuring spoons and weighing scales with care.

3. Ensure your ingredients are at the correct temperatures e.g. room temperature eggs and butter for Victoria sponge, cold butter and liquid for making shortcrust pastry.

4. Get to know your oven – most ovens vary in temperature, often up to 20C degrees from their reading. Internal oven thermometers can help with this.

5. Enjoy it and be organised e.g. weighing out ahead of time or even the day before can help with being efficient, baking mishaps usually happen when you’re rushing. Put the love in and you’ll get the love out from a beautiful bake.

Author: Jane Montgomery


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