Stay at Home Cooking Tips with Leiths buyer, Diggory

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Stay at Home Cooking Tips with Leiths buyer, Diggory

Plan ahead, batch cook, reduce waste; Diggory is no stranger to coming up with stock-related solutions and here he shares with you his tips for stay at home cooking.

Tip 1 - Do an Inventory

Use this chance to go through, rearrange and make a list of all the food stuffs you have. This will help you identify what you may need. It will minimize shopping and tell you where there may be holes in your food armoury.

Tip 2 - Plan Ahead

Menu planning will help you shop and identify what you really need to fill the gaps. There's no need to go overboard, order what you need and think about others along the way.

Tip 3 - Time to get Creative

Think about alternative supploers who can deliver, other than just the big supermarkets. Does your local butcher deliver? Can I order a fruit and veg box from somewhere? Our loyal suppliers and are now offering these delivery services. Perhaps your small, local restaurant now offering delivery? Not only does this keep us safe at home and out of the shops, it helps support these food businesses which have been hit by the crisis and have had to find ways to adapt.

Tip 4 - Reduce Waste

If you start something, let's finish it! Open pâté? Have it for lunch the next day. Last night's casserole? Add some orzo pasta to it and enjoy it as a soup for lunch. Make the most of your leftovers - it's so important to be aware of how we consume our food, now mroe than ever.

Tip 5 - Batch Cooking

One of my biggest joys is planning ad cooking four or five meals specifically for the purpose of freezing them for future use. Just make sure you are equipped with some good quality freezer bags/take-away containers and some labels. Now the planning comes into action; make sure you allow enough time for a meal to defrost before you want to eat it. There's nothing more annoying than looking forward to your dinner only to find it's frozen solid! Most things taste/reheat better after a natural defrost.

What do you need help with? What tips and recipes are you most in need of during this time at home? Get in touch with us via social media and we'll do our best to cater our content you your cooking queries and questions.

Author: Diggory Orr-Ewing


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