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#MadeAtLeiths: Adam Shaw

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#MadeAtLeiths: Adam Shaw

As part of our #MadeAtLeiths series proud new Dad and recipe developer, Adam Shaw, shares his Leiths journey and how it led to creating recipes to eat with one hand!

I completed the Leiths Evening Essential Certificate in late 2016 and had the absolute time of my life. I’d always wanted to do a professional course at Leiths but could never make it work around my full-time job, so as soon as the dates for their professional evening courses were published I immediately enrolled.

The classes were intense but worth every second and after each session I was amazed at how much we had managed to fit in to just three hours of cooking!

A few months after the course ended my wife became pregnant with our first child and as well as being over the moon at the prospect of becoming a father, I was excited to research what food and what recipes were important for woman and baby to eat during pregnancy and looked forward to cooking up delicious meals based on this information. However, I was disappointed to find that on further research a lot of the advice out there focused on what you can’t have, as opposed to what you should be eating. So, I started to devise my own recipes for my wife to eat during her pregnancy and that’s how At Dad’s Table began.

I began to post my meals on Instagram @at_dads_table and it soon became clear that there were a lots of people in a similar situation, searching for ideas on how best to eat in pregnancy, but finding limited information. Furthermore, doing all of the food planning and cooking was a great way for myself and other dads-to-be to stay involved at a time when you can feel a little redundant.

As my wife’s pregnancy progressed my recipes changed to adapt to the different needs of each trimester. When my son was born 18 months ago my focus changed to providing recipes for exhausted new parents and advice on how best to batch cook or make healthy meals that can be prepared and eaten with one hand (we couldn’t put my son down during the first three months of his life!) Since then I now also devise weaning recipes and family meals that can easily be adapted for a toddler.

The future is bright for At Dad’s Table. I have over 23,000 followers on Instagram and every day I receive positive messages of support from people around the world who are changing how they eat during this life-changing time. If I can do that, and inspire more partners to be more actively involved at this time then I’ll be happy.

None of this would have been possible without my time at Leiths. I learnt that professional cookery classes are not just for people who want to work in a restaurant kitchen (something that never appealed to me) and to listen to the voice inside you that tells you just to go for something and see what happens!

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