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Aquafaba Mini Pavlovas with Winter Fruit

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Aquafaba Mini Pavlovas with Winter Fruit

Perfect for plant-based festive entertainment this Christmas.

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Makes 8-10 Pavlovas

For the Pavlovas:
160g aquafaba– either neat from the can or reduced and cooled (see notes below on aquafaba)
320g caster sugar
A few drops of vanilla essence

For the topping:
4 fresh figs
1 comice pear
1 punnet of redcurrants
Vegan yoghurt or creme fraiche, of your choice
Redberry coulis, of your choice


  1. Heat the oven to 110°C/gas mark ½. Line 2 baking sheets with baking parchment.
  2. In a medium to large bowl, whisk the aquafaba to stiff peaks with electric beaters or use a stand mixer. Note that it will take longer to whisk aquafaba to stiff peak consistency than it will egg whites.
  3. With the beaters still running, whisk in a tablespoon of caster sugar. Whisk the meringue back to stiff peak again before adding a further tablespoon of sugar. Continue to do this with the first half of caster sugar, always returning the mixture to stiff peaks, before the second half of sugar can be slowly but continuously rained in with the beaters still running. Return the final mixture to stiff peaks before briefly whisking in the vanilla essence.
  4. Line a baking tray with non-stick parchment and place spoonfuls of the mixture onto the paper. Using a teaspoon careful make a hollow in the middle of each spoonful of meringue to create a pavlova shape.
  5. Bake in the pre-heated oven on the lowest shelf until the meringues will lift off the parchment cleanly and have completely dried out, this will take up to 2 hours. Allow the meringues to cool completely. NB. Using a dehydrator, set to 50-60C, also works well to slowly cook the meringues over 5-6hrs.
  6. Once the pavlovas have cooled. Slice the figs into 6 ir 8 wedges. Thinly slice the pear (be careful not to do this too far in advance or the pear will discolour) collect the redcurrant stems. Top each pavlova with a spoonful of vegan yoghurt or creme fraiche and arrange the fruit on top, finally add a drizzle of berry coulis. Serve immediately.

A note on aquafaba

Although aquafaba can refer to the strained cooking liquid of a number of pulses our recipe refers to that of chickpea water which produces the best results. Whilst meringues made with egg whites may increase in volume only slightly when cooked, aquafaba meringues tend to increase in volume a little more, so take this into account when piping.

Author: Leiths Teachers


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