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Find your culinary home at Leiths, an industry-leading culinary school in London renowned for our immersive, hands-on approach and a variety of cutting-edge programs, including two and three term diplomas.


Why Leiths School of Food & Wine?

Leiths School of Food and Wine is a leading London culinary school renowned for its personal and accessible approach. Our mission is to help you achieve your culinary ambitions and unlock your full potential. Taught by some of the world’s most skilled and experienced teachers, chefs, and industry leaders, our training is grounded in fundamental culinary techniques whilst incorporating international cuisines and modern food trends, ensuring you learn to cook the food that people love to eat today. As a Leiths graduate, you'll also gain access to our powerful network of alumni, instructors and peers who provide continued support and professional opportunities long after graduation. Whether you are here for a day or a year, you are always part of Leiths.

London is the most diverse city in the UK for food lovers, where award winning street-food occupies the same streets as Michelin star establishments, and a different cuisine can be discovered every day. It also offers a wealth of other cultural experiences from the iconic Natural History Museum to cutting edge art at Tate Modern and world renowned theatre in the West End. Leiths students also enjoy a busy social life and many lifelong friendships; even business partnerships begin in our West London school, or in the nearby pub! Near the school you’ll find parks for strolling and exercising, and Leiths can provide help in finding accommodation within the quiet residential area around the school, as well as advising you about your visa requirements. We look forward to welcoming you.

“Leiths carries the standard of food education. Everyone looks up to Leiths to produce the best graduates.”

– Yotam Ottolenghi (Chef)


Foundation, Two Term, Three Term

Explore our two term, three term, and foundation certificate offered in the heart of London. Our diploma offers a comprehensive curriculum that will prepare you for a fruitful culinary career. Most popular career paths for Leiths diploma alumni include hospitality and private chefs, product and recipe developers, food entrepreneurs, food stylists, and more.

“Leiths has provided very very well trained, serious and enthusiastic cooks to the industry. If anybody comes to me and they say they have been trained at Leiths, I want them.”

– Rick Stein (Chef, TV personality and restauranter)

Visit Leiths

Take a virtual tour of the school and see what alumni have to say.

Guided virtual tour

Leiths teaching style and Leiths students

A taste of Leiths teaching

Alumni & guest chef Leiths experiences

Current Leiths students experiences

What is Leiths life like?


Fees paid by US students will be paid in GBP. The converted cost in US dollar fluctuate depending on the conversion rate at the time of invoice and payment. To give you an idea on the approximate costs of Leiths Diploma courses in US dollar please see below.

Course name Deposit (UK GBP) Deposit (US Dollar) Full cost (UK GBP) Full cost (US Dollar)
Leiths Three Term Diploma £3,000 $3,680* £29,240 $35,880*
Leiths Two Term Diploma £2,000 $2,450* £23,080 $28,320*
Leiths Foundation Certificate £1,000 $1,230* £10,180 $12,490*

* Please note that prices shown in US Dollars were correct as of 1st August, 2022. Exchange rates vary.

For more information on fees, please contact our Registrar: registrar@leiths.com.


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